Mediation can be a very effective tool to help you resolve a dispute. Mediation involves two or more people meeting together with a mediator, to discuss the issues underlying their conflict. The mediator facilitates the discussion, and those involved in the conflict work towards a resolution. They make decisions as to how they will resolve their dispute reach outcomes that work for them. A mediator will help them arrive at a resolution  and ensure that it is owned by those in dispute. Mediation is voluntary and confidential, it focuses on the future and on positive outcomes for those involved.

Workplace Mediation

Conflict in the workplace can be costly and can have negative effects on productivity and employee well being. Often conflict in the workplace can be resolved in-house, but sometimes a business can benefit from conflict resolution services provided by an independent and confidential mediator.

The mediation process can encourage employees to work at resolving the issues behind the conflict and to take ownership of the outcomes.