Conflict Management

Are you in a situation where you find yourself in conflict with another person? It may only be a minor conflict, a niggling feeling that something is not right. Or it may be a conflict that is affecting your health and well being.

Conflict management coaching can help you to examine the conflict and to work out how to manage the situation.


Conflict management coaching provides you with the opportunity to work one on one with a coach who will assist you to develop your knowledge and skills to manage conflict effectively. The process focuses on your goals and assists you to decide on what steps need to be taken to achieve them.

Most people see conflict in a negative light, but we can learn to accept that it is inevitable and that it can be an agent for positive change if we can learn to engage effectively with it. How we react to a conflict is learned behaviour. We can examine our behaviour, become more self-aware and shift our behaviour to better deal with the situations in which we find ourselves.

Going through the process be beneficial as a situation can become clearer simply through the act of talking and reflecting.